Reflective Coaching for Founders and Managers

About reflective coaching

I help company founders and senior managers, who would like more support in their role, better navigate their day to day work situations.

Common reasons for seeking out my coaching include:

  • Needing dedicated time to think strategically
  • Not having trusted people to share and reflect with
  • Having difficulty in making important decisions
  • Under immense pressure to deliver results
  • Starting to doubt their ability to perform

My approach is supportive and non-directive, allowing you to discuss and think through day to day work situations and important business decisions.

I work like a retained non-executive or trusted adviser but on a more immediate and hands-on basis, and I’m available as and when required for as long as you need.

And I'm particularly interested in how individual experience of past situations, influences decision making, leading to future outcomes.

The benefits of coaching

My focus is on supporting individuals in their day to day work.

A study by the International Coach Federation (ICF) found a wide range of benefits reported by individuals who made use of coaching, these included:

Increased self-awareness


Better goal-setting


More balanced life


Lower stress levels


Enhanced self-discovery


Increased confidence


Improved quality of life


Enhanced communication skills


Increased project completion


Improved health or fitness level


Better relationship with co-workers


Better family relationships


How I work

Having worked as a qualified therapist and trained in the use of counselling skills, I listen carefully to accurately understand the issues you are facing.

I take a broad view, holistically considering all factors that may be having an impact and my approach is best described as unbiased and supportive.

And I'm popular with individuals who wish to better understand their motivations and behaviour at work. 

My style of coaching

The Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD) sees a clear difference between coaching and other forms of support, I’ve included their understanding below and highlighted where my coaching style fits.

What they say

The following feedback is illustrative of what you could expect to experience when working together.

“Founding a business is difficult and requires the highest level of strategic thinking to be a success. Rarely can founders produce this level of insight and wisdom on their own. Even more rarely do founders find colleagues with the skills and intelligence to provide this strategic insight at such critical moments in their young company's growth. Frank Ray is one such rare commodity.

Frank listens intently and can grasp the macro dimensions of a company's growth challenges and within minutes synthesize his vast experience and creative powers into tangible solutions that efficiently address multiple challenges with what seems to be a great deal of ease.

CEO & Co-Founder (Medical technology company)

As creatives we are confident in our concept but the business side has been a huge learning curve. Having a consultation with Frank Ray has proved invaluable and he was able to take a step back and give us objective advice.

His unique 360 degree approach has involved looking at all aspects of our business, home lives and support network to give a clear focus and direction on how to grow our business.

Business Owner (London events company)

About me

I'm a professional engineer by education who has worked as a self-employed software developer, business analyst, project manager and management consultant for the past 20 years.

I specialise in quickly making sense of complex situations, diagnosing critical issues and uncovering hidden constraints, and offering practical solutions aligned with key drivers.

Senior management make decisions, initiate projects, develop new propositions, implement systems and assure quality based on my work.

I have worked with many different clients during my professional career and use that wide exposure across sectors and industries to inform my approach.

I will be surprised if you have a problem or issue that I haven’t already seen elsewhere.

My training

During my professional career, I saw many poor decisions being made by managers who were under immense stress and didn’t have a good level of support around them.

Latterly I decided to undertake training as a counsellor to better support individuals at these times, notably completing the following awards at WPF Therapy, London:

  • Diploma in Counselling Skills (1 year)
  • Certificate in Counselling Skills (1 year)

I use my background and professional experience as a backdrop to all my coaching work, and have completed the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems), 1st Class Honours
  • Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis, BCS
  • Foundation Certificate in IS Project Management, BCS
  • Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations, CIPS
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training

Contact me

Please get in touch if you'd like to know more.